Sand Forest Lodge is situated on a nature reserve on the edge of an ancient sand forest and lies to the west of False Bay Park.

The Lodge is just 10 minutes from the village and 20 minutes from the Game Reserve.

See what South Africa has to offer in Sand Forest!

Without a doubt, South Africa is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It’s home to so many animal species, an incredibly rich culture and amazing people. This is why we at Sand Forest strive to do whatever we can to ensure that visitors see South Africa just as we do. 

Our story here at Sand Forest began several years ago when we decided to open a simple villa with 5 rooms that can cater to visitors. At the time, it was a very small space and it was a simple venture that allowed us to begin our passions of working with other people and giving them an excellent time in another country. 

It wasn’t long before we were able to improve our facilities and upgrade to a resort with large townhouses. However, it wasn’t until a few years ago that we were able to expand and fully turn the place into a hotel, resort and wellness centre. We even have a restaurant plus a multi-purpose events centre! 

Our goal is to expand in the future and possibly create even more branches here in South Africa, but for now, we are focusing on the performance of our first branch. What’s important is the fact that we can pursue our dream, which is to become hoteliers and promote the beauty of South Africa. 

If you want to see South Africa for yourself and see what we are talking about, be sure to reach out to us! Our lines are always open and you can easily visit us if you live here in South Africa. For bookings and additional concerns, you may address them via our website. 

Lots of awesome content and announcements can also be found on our website! You can register for an account for free and get a chance to join contests, win discounts and so much more. 

Why should you visit South Africa?

When people often hear about South Africa, they think about amazing safaris, delicious food, kind people and great culture. All of these are true along with so much more! One of the best ways for you to experience this is to visit our company here at Sand Forest. 

One of the reasons why you should visit South Africa is because it’s an excellent opportunity for you to see one of the many wonders of the world. There are gorgeous landscapes that you can look forward to, so be sure to bring your camera and some of your best outfits.

Another thing that you can look forward to when you visit South Africa is the presence of many gorgeous animals. For example, there are so many species to look at that cannot be found in other places in the world. Antelopes, water buffalos, giraffes, cheetahs and so much more can be found here! 

Last but not the least, you can be sure that South Africa is home to the best, most hospitable locals. When you book a visit with us here at Sand Forest, you can rest assured that the entirety of your stay will be a pleasant one.