Sand Forest: Our frequently asked questions

When running a company, it’s important to do everything you can to ensure that your clients are happy and have everything they expect. This is especially true in the hospitality industry because it delves into caring for people while they are on trips. 

Our company here at Sand Forest in South Africa is dedicated to addressing all of our clients’ needs no matter where they are. This is why we do our best to answer questions and make our website as inviting as possible. A great example of this is our frequently asked questions section. See the list below to check them out: 

‘How do I book a stay?’

It’s very easy to visit our facilities here at Sand Forest and book your stay. If you live here in South Africa, then you can always give us a call via landline or visit our resort for yourself if you want to see everything in person. On the other hand, those who are too far away or in other parts of the world can book their stay via the website. 

Simply take a look at the different packages available and choose whatever you want! From there, send us a message and we can help you find a booking depending on the availability of our space. 

‘Do you allow pets in your facilities?’

Yes, we do! However, there are very strict rules that all of our guests have to follow when it comes to pets. As of now, we only allow dogs and cats. You have to be responsible for your pets, always clean up after them and ensure that they do not disturb any of the other guests. Otherwise, you will be asked to leave. 

Any damage that your pet will cause shall not be covered by Sand Forest. Please be sure that they are fully trained and behaved to not have any problems with the staff and other guests. 

‘What other activities or promotions do you offer?’ 

Aside from our accommodations, our staff members can also arrange transportation for you. Plus, some services can assist with making your itinerary along with discounts to go on safaris and other adventures! Simply head over to our concierge and they will help you get started. 

‘How much does it cost to book a stay in your place?’ 

The prices for our stay vary depending on how long you will be planning to stay and how many people will be staying. There are different types of rooms and villas for you to choose from as well, so please be sure to choose what you prefer first and we can talk about the prices. 

About Sand Forest

Ever since we first opened up our facilities here at Sand Forest, it has been the goal to potentially reach out to clients all over South Africa and bring them an escape in the form of an amazing getaway in the country. From luxury accommodations to safaris, there are so many new experiences to discover with us! 

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