Sand Forest: 17 great tips to jumpstart your vacation

Travelling is exciting and fun. It’s where you get to explore and experience the world around you without worrying too much about the responsibilities that you have left at home. Although, for you to fully enjoy the vacation, you must make the necessary preparations first. 

Don’t worry because even if you choose to visit the farthest corners of South Africa, you’d still be prepared because Sand Forest has you covered. We have prepared great tips for you to follow on your trip. 

Pre-travel preparations

Before anything else, you must make necessary pre-travel preparations so that your life isn’t going to be chaotic when you go home. Here are some of the things that you should prepare so that your travel experience is amenable:

Plan for your itinerary in advance

The first thing you need to plan, especially when it’s months ahead of your travel is the broad itinerary for your trip. This doesn’t need to be in full detail. It can just be a list of places you want to go to so you have a reference once the nitty-gritty details are need to be set. 

Having a broad itinerary can also help you schedule the duration of your vacation. This will also allow you to make necessary preparations including buying your tickets, reserving accommodations and filing for your vacation leaves. 

Book your transportation in advance

It’s common knowledge that the earlier you book transportation services, the easier it’ll be for you on your travel. This includes aeroplane tickets, fixed bus rides and train tickets that you might need when travelling. 

However, not all transportation services can be booked in advance. Knowing the ins and outs of the public transportation system of the place you’re travelling to can help tremendously. 

Make sure that all necessary documents are ready

Is your passport still valid? Will your papers be ready before the planned departure? It’s a must to prepare all the necessary documents months before you plan on travelling. How so? That’s because you won’t be able to travel without these documents with you. 

Having them ready beforehand saves you the trouble of last-minute preparations. You also don’t have to worry about these missing documents when the time comes because you’ve already prepared them beforehand. 

Keep important things locked inside your home

If you’re planning to go on a long trip, it’s a must to secure your home. Make sure that all the important documents and belongings that you have are stored securely in a safe place. This can be in a locked room inside your home or even a vault if you have one. 

Ask for a relative to keep an eye on your house

To further keep your home secure, ask a trusted relative or friend to keep an eye on your house. Maybe you can ask them to house sit for you while you’re on a trip to South Africa or any other place in the world that’s miles away from your home. 

The mere fact that someone you trust will be looking over your home can help relieve the worry from your heart and shoulders. You can even contact them for updates so you’d feel more comfortable and secure. 

Make necessary preparations for your pets

You’ll be gone for a few days or weeks. You can’t just leave your pets waiting for you to come back or they will die. They should also be considered when you’re going away for a trip. Perhaps you can leave them with some relatives or friends. If you can’t, you may opt for pet hotel services that can take your furry little critters in while you’re away. 

Pack your essentials a week or two before the trip

Don’t leave your packing by the last minute. That will only stress you out! Instead, make sure that you slowly but surely pack your essentials a week or two before the trip. Start with the things that you don’t need every day. A week before your trip, buy the necessary toiletries so you wouldn’t forget to bring them. 

Just make sure not to do your packing the night before because you’ll definitely leave a few items behind. You should also have an extra charger packed in your luggage just in case you forget your original one. This way, you don’t have to buy electronics on your way to your destination. 

Purchase a small back-pack or suitcase

It’s a must to have a strong and capable suitcase for your travel. However, it does not need to be large. Its size should only be enough to carry your clothes and other essentials so you don’t have to bring too many unnecessary items on your trip. 

Another thing you can do is buy a small back-pack as your carry on during the flight. Place all your important belongings here so you’ll have an eye on it the entire time. 

Take an extra credit card with you

When travelling overseas, you just can’t predict how much you’d need to spend. Although it’s smart to carry cash, you should also have a credit card that’s appropriate for travelling. This can help you in case of emergencies, especially when your cash runs out. 

Travel tips for maximum enjoyment

You just can’t pack your bags and go on a trip spontaneously. If you want to not be hassled, you have to come prepared. Here are additional tips so you can enjoy every moment of your vacation:

Place a tag on your luggage

Checking in a bag at the airport can be nerve-wracking. That’s because you have to place your belongings under the custody of the airline. You wouldn’t know what’s about to happen when they carry your luggage to the plane. At one point, you might even see an identical suitcase to yours and pick that up instead at the arrival.

Putting an identifiable tag on your luggage makes it easier for you to spot it on the conveyor belt. Moreover, having that tag also makes it easier for the staff to find your bag just in case it gets lost on the way. 

Buy a sim card the moment the plane lands

When travelling abroad, expect that your cellular phone won’t get coverage. You need to buy a sim card that’s supported by the telco companies of that country so you can connect to the internet. 

Luckily for you, airports have vendors selling sim cards that can be compatible with your phone. Make sure to purchase this before you even leave the terminal so you can get connected to the internet easily. 

Plan for your daily activities the night before

This is the moment when you have to put details on your broad itinerary. Make sure that you do this in advance so that you won’t be at a loss when you’re at the destination. You can do this the night before or even a few weeks in advance so that you’re prepared. 

Download google maps on your phone

Google Maps is the most accurate way to navigate a place that you don’t know. When travelling, this is an essential application to have. Download this even before your departure for the trip so you can learn how to navigate the app. 

Having this around can be helpful when going about your destination. Just make sure that you’re connected to the internet at all times so you have uninterrupted access. 

Explore the locality

Going about tourist places of your destination is nice but you should never take the locality for granted. Grab the chance to go about the destination and explore hidden gems that would otherwise be left unexplored by tourists like you. 

Make it a point to talk to local vendors and citizens to get to know more about the place. You’ll never know, you might even find new friends in these places if you talk to the local people. Moreover, you get to hear cool stories from their lives that can broaden your perspective. 

Take photos as memorabilia

Even with just your mobile phone, take as many photos as you can that you can look back to in the future. Don’t worry about the quality of photos because smartphones today have a high camera capacity that can shoot photographs in full beautiful detail. 

You can even show these photos to your friends so you can relive the moments with them when you get back to reality. 

Don’t be afraid to take detours

Sticking to your itinerary allows you to manage your time accordingly but you should also try to take detours, especially when you see attractions that weren’t part of your original plan. This is a fun way of exploring the place so you can see different things that you would otherwise not be able to experience.

Try to travel by yourself at least once

It’s fun to travel with your family and friends but it’s a must to travel alone even just once in your life. You’ll discover a lot about yourself and it’ll give you a better understanding of your independence, especially if you’re in a foreign place. 

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